Mortgage Broker Toorak Gardens

Mortgage Broker Toorak Gardens

I am a mortgage broker for Toorak Gardens.  Toorak is an aboriginal word, thought to mean “swamps” or “springs”.  Toorak Gardens is a central Adelaide suburb, close to the Central Business District (CBD).  The postcode for Toorak Gardens is 5065 which it shares with Glenside, Dulwich, Linden Park and Tusmore.

  • Distance from Toorak Gardens to Adelaide Central Business District is approximately 4 kilometres (2 miles)
  • The total population of Toorak Gardens is approximately 2,600
  • 7% of the population of Toorak Gardens were born in the UK
  • Most people in Toorak Gardens, over 80%, were born in Australia
  • Ancestors of people in Toorak Gardens were mostly from England
  • Median house price for Toorak Gardens(2013) is slightly over $1,000,000
  • Over 45% of properties in Toorak Gardens are owned outright
  • Over 25% of properties in Toorak Gardens are rented

I am a mobile mortgage broker which means I can come to see you at your home or place of work at a time convenient to you.  I help my clients achieve their property and financial goals with the minimum of effort on their part.  I am an authorised Credit Representative, I hold a Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management (Dip. FMBM) and I am member of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and Credit Ombudsman Service Ltd. (COSL).

I have been arranging business and personal finance for over 25 years.  As a father of four I am only too aware of how difficult it can be for both partners to find time to visit a mortgage broker plus the travelling time which is why I am happy to come to you, be that your home or your place of work.

There are many different types of home and other loans available and I have explained a little about some of them here:

Pre-Approved Home Loans

Home loans can be agreed in principal BEFORE you even find a home in TOORAK GARDENS that you wish to purchase.  This lets you know for sure whether you can afford to buy the property you set your heart on and it lets the Real Estate Agent know you are a serious purchaser.  It can even secure a property when the vendor does not want to wait to see if other potential buyers can raise the money.  You can tell the Real Estate Agent that your offer needs to be accepted within a certain time-frame or you will withdraw your offer.  The vendor may well think along the lines of “a bird in the hand” and accept your offer quickly.  You on the other hand, have two business days’ cooling off period.  This period starts when the vendor’s statement was received or the date the contract of sale was signed by both parties, whichever is the later.  You would also probably want to make your offer “subject to satisfactory building inspection report” or words to that effect.  If you would like to know more about pre-approved home loans for property in TOORAK GARDENS call Vincent Woodall NOW on 0451 596 575 or send an email to

Types of Home Loans in Australia

100% Offset Loans, All In One Loans, Bridging Loans, Capped Rate Loans, Construction Loans, Fixed Rate Loans, Introductory Rate / Honeymoon Loans, Line of Credit or Equity Line Loans, Low Doc Loans, Professional Packages, Reverse Mortgages, Split Loans, Variable Rate Loans, Basic and Standard Variable, Vendor Financing

If any of these different types of loans in Australia is / are of interest and you live in TOORAK GARDENS (or any Adelaide suburb for that matter) then please call Vincent Woodall NOW on 0451 596 575 or send an email to

Investment Property Loans

If the purchase of an investment property is not a buyer’s first property purchase then it will most often be purchased by using the equity in their existing home or “Principal Place of Residence” (PPOR).  Ideally you will be able to pay a 20% deposit on your investment property in TOORAK GARDENS, (plus be able to cover fees and charges of approximately 5%), thereby avoiding the necessity to pay Lender’s Mortgage Insurance (LMI).  If you would like to know how best to go about buying your first or next investment property in TOORAK GARDENS and obtaining investment property loans call Vincent Woodall NOW on 0451 596 575 or send an email to

Refinance Home Loan

There are a number of reasons why someone might choose to refinance their existing home loan in TOORAK GARDENS.  You may wish to switch lenders to enjoy a lower interest rate, to take advantage of offers of up to $1,250 for switching, to get a better loan package with a 100% offset account and direct salary credits, credit card linked to your mortgage account, to take advantage of a low fixed interest rate and so forth.

You may wish to raise cash to buy your first investment property in TOORAK GARDENS or add to your existing property portfolio.  You may have decided it is time to buy yourself a 4-wheel drive vehicle, buy a boat or go on a foreign holiday.  Maybe you have an upcoming wedding in the family you would like to finance.  Whatever the reason, if it means a refinance of your home loan call Vincent Woodall NOW on 0451 596 575 or send an email to

Self-Employed Home Loans

It may be a lot simpler to arrange self-employed home loans in TOORAK GARDENS than you think.  Depending on what percentage of a property’s value you wish to borrow, some lenders may only ask you and your accountant to declare your income and they will agree to a loan.  Every case is different but usually the process is more straightforward than you think.  If you are interested in self-employed home loans in TOORAK GARDENS call Vincent Woodall NOW on 0451 596 575 or send an email to

Construction Loans

You may have decided that you would like to live in a brand new house in TOORAK GARDENS and take advantage of the First Home Owner’s Grant and Construction Grant to help you to do so.  You will need to arrange a construction loan before signing a contract to build.

Alternatively construction home loans are ideal if you wish to add rooms to your current home in TOORAK GARDENS rather than move home, or you may simply want to make structural repairs or renovations or to demolish your current home in TOORAK GARDENS and rebuild a new home.  Whatever the case may be, if constructions loans are of interest call Vincent Woodall on 0451 596 575 or send an email to

Bridging Loans

There are a number of lenders who offer bridging loans but some bridging loans leave a lot to be desired.

Bridging loans allow you to purchase a new home before selling your existing home in TOORAK GARDENS.  Rather than need to make two sets of loan repayments whilst you are trying to sell your current home, no repayments are needed on the new home loan during the go-between period.  You can borrow up to 85% for standard loans or 80% for low doc loans (including the capitalised interest).  Interest can be capitalised for up to a maximum of 6 months.  Serviceability or affordability is assessed on the end-debt only with one particular lender.  If you are looking at bridging loans for TOORAK GARDENS call Vincent Woodall NOW on 0451 596 575 or send an email to

Debt Consolidation Loans

If you own a property in TOORAK GARDENS and the outstanding balance of the loan or mortgage is less than the value of the property then the difference is known as equity.  If you have sufficient equity in your home you can refinance your existing loan or simply top it up to pay off other debts such as credit or store cards, vehicle loans, an overdraft or personal loan that may be at a higher rate than you can currently obtain in the loan market.  This can reduce your outgoings to a manageable level.  If you are not able to refinance all of your current debts you can pay the more expensive loans off quicker out of the savings of the ones you are able to refinance.  The most important thing to bear in mind for debt consolidation loans is to NOT leave it too late and get a bad credit record.  This would make it more difficult to arrange debt consolidation loans.  If you are interested in knowing more about debt consolidation loans in TOORAK GARDENS act NOW.  Call Vincent Woodall on 0451 596 575 or send an email to

Mortgages for First Home Buyers

I am able to offer you help not just in financing your first home in TOORAK GARDENS, but also in finding it and to possibly get a discount from the asking price.  I subscribe to RPData which is the software Real Estate Agents use:

Australia’s most popular property reports by
“Every day we draw insight from   Australia’s most comprehensive, up to date property data. It’s what helps   more banks, real estate agents and everyday people make better decisions than   anyone else.”

RPData are happy for me to provide FREE reports on properties by entire suburb or on an individual property basis.  Find out not only how long a property has been up for sale in TOORAK GARDENS, but what it sold for last time it was on the market and by how much, if anything, the price has been reduced this time on the market.  You could save yourself thousands of dollars as some of my previous clients have found.  For your FREE RPData report(s) or to learn more about mortgages for first home buyers call Vincent Woodall NOW on 0451 596 575 or send an email to

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If you need help getting a home loan or assistance with any of the issues covered on this site, please call me, Vincent Woodall directly on 0451 596 575 or you can send me an email to  or alternatively please complete and submit the enquiry form below.

Please remember:
I am a mortgage broker for Toorak Gardens and I am –

  • Fully accredited by the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia
  • Fully qualified with the Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management
  • Plus I have satisfied stringent financial and criminal record background checks.

Find a home loan with someone you can trust and who will ensure you’re getting the right home loan for you. Vincent Woodall. 0451 596 575 or alternatively send me an email to .