Mortgage Aggregators

Mortgage Aggregators

Mortgage Aggregators, Franchise Groups and Dealer Groups act as a wholesaler between lenders and Mortgage Brokers.  Henceforth all of these will be referred to as Aggregators.

Mortgage Brokers need to work with an aggregator. This is because most banks and lenders have volume and compliance requirements that the average broker would be unable to achieve.

Mortgage Aggregators have come about from the early days of the Mortgage Broking industry in Australia. Initially they began as mortgage brokers who were approached by other new brokers who needed access to lenders through their accreditations. In time, through the process of aggregating loan volumes Mortgage Aggregators were better able to obtain greater commissions from lenders and also enjoy better service levels from lenders and establish systems and processes.

Now the vast majority of mortgage aggregators offer brokers access to the banks and other lenders and also provide other support. This varies between mortgage aggregators and might include software for loan comparison, loan lodgement and customer record management, lending, compliance and sales training, management support, the generation of leads, branding and back office support. The mortgage aggregators usually allow their brokers to work under their credit licence (under their Australian Credit Licence (ACL)) so they don’t need to have one themselves.

The aggregators will usually charge some sort of fee for these services. These fees may be a retention of a percentage of the commission paid by the banks or lenders, or alternatively they may charge a fee per transaction or a flat monthly or annual fee. Some groups also charge an initial joining and training fee which can be $10,000 or more if you include expenses such as company registration and insurances.

Most aggregators will also offer their members other products to sell to their customers such as various insurance products and credit facilities such as credit cards and personal loans  that the broker would not otherwise have access to.

Working via an aggregator offers mortgage brokers the ability to operate their own business offering a wide variety of lenders and loan products, but with the support of the aggregator.

With this assistance a Mortgage Broker is able to provide an ongoing benefit to consumers. Customers benefit from being able to compare different mortgage products available from a panel of lenders through one source (the Mortgage Broker) and subsequently receive products that match their needs and individual circumstances.

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