Supporting Documents

Supporting Documents

There are certain documents, called supporting documents that you will have to produce to any bank or lender when applying for a home loan of any description BEFORE they will consider your application.  They use these supporting documents to verify that the information given in your loan application is correct.

This is assuming you have not previously been ruled out by a lender because you failed their credit-scoring model!

The type of documents a loan applicant will have to provide will vary from one applicant to another depending upon their individual circumstances and employment  and from one type of loan to another.   For example, a self-employed first home buyer will have to provide a slightly different set of docs to someone buying an investment property or refinancing an existing loan to get cash out or to consolidate debt.

Most lenders will want to see, for each applicant for a loan  these supporting documents –

  • Your two most recent consecutive pay slips.
  • Most recent group certificate.
  • Identification documents equivalent to 100 points /Passport/ Visa / Citizenship Certificate / Drivers’ Licence,/Marriage Certificate,/Medicare Card/ Birth Certificate
  • Proof of savings (for deposit and fees and charges (stamp duty, conveyancing fees etc.) for first time buyers for normally 10% of the value of the property (5% for the deposit and roughly 5% for fees and charges)
  • Contract of Sale (unless applicant is only seeking pre-approval)
  • Centrelink statements (if any benefits are being received)
  • Latest transactional bank statement ( a relatively recent requirement to see if any there are any undisclosed liabilities (such as Child Support for instance).
  • Latest credit card statements
  • Last 3 to 6 months loan statements for car or other loans

Self-employed borrowers

  • Last two years personal and business tax returns and ATO assessments.
  • Identification documents equivalent to 100 points.

(Certain lenders will only want to see one year’s accounts but 2 years’ ABN registration so not a lot of help really.  Some will be content with seeing BAS statements )

For refinancers

  • Statements for the last six months of any existing home loans or personal loans.
  • Your most recent rates notice and building insurance policy (called a certificate of currency in Australia) on the property to be offered as security.  (A cover note will NOT do, it has to be the certificate as this shows it has been paid or is being paid by instalments).
  • Credit card statements for the last six months if the card is being refinanced as well or just your most recent credit card statement if card is NOT being refinanced.

NB There is one lender will NOT want to see your credit card statements at all PROVIDED that you can “service” the new loan together with the total credit card LIMITS.  Note it is your credit card limit and not the balance that is taken into account in Australia when calculating “serviceability”.

Buying a new home

  • Bank statements for the last three months to show your savings history.(If first time buyer only)
  • Evidence of term deposits, shares and other investments (statements, certificates, etc.)
  • Statements for the last six months for existing home loans and personal loans.
  • Your most recent credit card statement.
  • A copy of the sale contract for the property being purchased.
  • Copy of settlement letter from a conveyancer or solicitor if deposit is to come from the sale of an existing property

NB Not all lenders insist upon 5% genuine savings as deposit (which is the normal minimum) for your first home.  Some lenders are happy for you to provide a statutory declaration (Stat Dec) stating that you have received a “Non-Refundable” gift for your deposit.  This gift would need to have come from a close relative.  There are also some lenders who will now allow any rental payments you have been making to be counted as “genuine savings”.  You will still need to receive a “Non-Refundable Gift” to come up with the necessary deposit but the previous amounts paid in rent will get you over this particular hurdle.  There are also such things as “Family Pledge” where a close relative can guarantee your deposit and again get round needing a deposit achieved through genuine savings.


  • Evidence of the investment property income, or potential income such as a copy of the lease, rent appraisal or rent receipts.
  • A rates notice for each property you currently own.

Building or having a home built

  • A copy of the builder’s fixed price tender (including all specifications).
  • A copy of council approved plans.

To open a bank account in Australia or get a mortgage or personal loan, you need to pass the Federal Government’s 100 point system to prove your identity.   A passport and drivers licence is usually enough.

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