Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank Commonwealth Bank is the leading lender in the mortgage market, the latest figures showing that the Commonwealth Bank (CBA)  holds the largest share in the housing lending market for owner-occupiers and rank second for investor loans.  According to the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) banking statistics show that […] Read more »

Shares or Property?

Shares or Property? RPData has reported that on a capital appreciation measure over the past decade, the past half-decade, and over the past three years, residential property has well and truly outperformed shares.  Over the most recent twelve month period shares have outperformed the housing market. Read the full story […] Read more »

ASIC warns consumers about SMSF Ads

ASIC warns consumers about SMSF Advertisements Tuesday 22 October 2013 ASIC is today warning consumers about advertising that promotes the use of self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) to invest in residential properties through the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS). NRAS is run by the Australian Government in partnership with the states […] Read more »

Investors Beware

Investors beware I recently received an email from one of the major banks advising that certain postcodes will now be treated with caution when this lender is approached for a home loan by investors.  This particular lender gave details of the postcodes in question and changes to their list. The […] Read more »


FREE RP Data I subscribe to RP Data on a monthly basis and as such I can, and do, frequently provide FREE RP Data reports on either indvidual properties or by suburb. As a conscientious mortgage broker I help my clients to find their ideal property by providing them with FREE […] Read more »

Speciality Asset Finance

Speciality Asset Finance Looking for finance for Student Acommodation, Boarding Homes, Serviced Apartments?  Look no further. If you need help getting speciality asset finance or assistance with any of the issues covered on this site, please call me, Vincent Woodall directly on 0451 596 575 or alternatively please complete and […] Read more »

Personal Loans

Personal Loans • Approvals within 2 hours • Loan Documents emailed • Next day settlement • Loan up to $40K inclusive of fees and charges • Can take assets as security eg. Boats, Cars, private sales • LO DOC at same pricing as Full Doc • LO DOC requirements Self […] Read more »

Change to Migrant Lending Policy

Change to Migrant Lending Policy One second tier lender in Australia has just announced a new Migrant Lending policy to provide the opportunity for eligible migrants to obtain mortgage finance on their arrival in Australia, or Approval in Principle before they arrive.  A migrant is defined as an applicant that […] Read more »

First Investment Property Loan Arranged.

First Investment Property Loan Arranged Vincent Woodall assisted us in securing a mortgage for our investment property.  At the time we were unsure whether to go through a mortgage broker or contact a few banks ourselves, but, we opted for a broker and met Vincent.  We have found Vincent to […] Read more »