Bridging Loans

Bridging Loans

Bridging Loans are suitable for home owners who are purchasing or constructing their next home BEFORE they have sold their current home even though they may need the proceeds of the sale of their current home to complete the purchase of their next home.  As the name for this type of loan suggests, bridging loans bridge the financial time-gap between selling the existing property and buying the next one if home loans are involved in both transactions.

Before you read any further please remember that apart from being a mortgage broker, I am a Real Estate Sales Agent in Adelaide and as such I can not only arrange bridging finance for you but also sell your current home for you once you are ready to move into your next home.

Bridging Loans, however, can also be very useful to raise money to carry out essential repairs or improvements to your existing home to help you to sell it for a higher price.  Many Real Estate Agents, irrespective of what they really think, will NOT advise you that you should carry out certain repairs or improvements before selling your property for fear of causing offence and thus drive a lazy vendor into the arms of another Real Estate Agent who will not make any such comment.  A Real Estate Agent could be forgiven for thinking that if a home does ideally need improvements in order to sell at the best possible price, how likely is it that the vendor will be prepared to carry out those improvements or decorations if they haven’t already done so?  The Real Estate Agent may well think that If the vendor was that way inclined the property would not have ended up needing a tidy up in the first place.  So your Real Estate Agent will most likely take the line of least resistance and give you a lower valuation for your home than he might have if it looked a bit better.  There is also a very good chance that the very idea of taking out a bridging loan will just not occur to your Real Estate Agent.  Their mind may be more focused on a quick sale rather than getting the best possible result for you.  Trouble is, purchasers expect to pay thousands of dollars less for properties that may only need hundreds of dollars spending on them to spruce them up a bit and make them more saleable.  I have been at “opens” where each room had cobwebs in the ceiling areas.  How much would it have cost the vendor to get them removed?  Had the Real Estate Agent suggested this would be a good idea?  In this instance, no he hadn’t and I know because I asked him.

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