Home Loans Adelaide

Home Loans Adelaide

My name is Vincent Woodall and welcome to my website.  I am a qualified finance and mortgage broker living and working in Adelaide, South Australia; Seaford Rise to be precise.  I have a Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking management.  Having also completed Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) and having worked as a Real Estate sales agent I believe gives me an even better understanding of what mortgage applicants are going through when buying their first home or investment, or next home or investment, in Adelaide or close environs.  Prior to retraining as a finance and mortgage broker in Australia, I had over 25 years’ experience in arranging business and personal finance on the UK.

If you are looking for investment home loans, Adelaide is currently as good as any place to start investing.  Previously rising, but now apparently falling or stagnating, house prices in Sydney and Melbourne, are putting investment properties out of the reach of first timers and Adelaide must therefore be more attractive under these circumstances, especially with such low interest rates available at the moment.

I am married with four children and consequently I am aware how difficult it can sometimes be to find a convenient time to meet a mortgage broker in Adelaide to discuss your financial needs let alone find another two hours on top for travelling.  This is especially true for a couple trying to find a mutually convenient time and to get someone to look after any children they might have.  For this reason, I or a more locally placed associate will visit you at your home or place of work if you prefer that to coming to me.

As a mortgage broker in Adelaide I can arrange loans to buy land, a home or investment property or to refinance your existing home, or consolidate existing debt, specifically in Adelaide, South Australia.  Rules and regulations, government fees and charges, grants and other factors, even lenders, vary from state to state in Australia so please bear in mind that this site is aimed at helping home buyers and investors looking for home loans in Adelaide and South Australia only before proceeding any further.

I am in the very fortunate position of having access to industry-leading, trade-marked, mortgage-sifting software that, after inputting your particular details, will search through literally hundreds of competing mortgages from over 20 lenders in a matter of seconds.  These 20+ lenders between them arrange some 95% of mortgages taken out in any given year in Australia.

One thing I have learnt about some of the larger mortgage broking companies that service Adelaide and South Australia, that you will no doubt have heard of, is that they do not cater for the more difficult or “non-conforming” loans and simply choose  to NOT have lenders on their “panel” who welcome and accommodate such loan applications.  This, I am convinced, is for perhaps two reasons.  Firstly, some of these non-conforming lenders pay lower commission rates than other lenders do for “Vanilla” loan applications (a vanilla loan is to a borrower or borrowers who are considered very creditworthy with a good payment history and are thus considered more likely to keep up payments on any new loan).  Secondly, some, but not all, “non-conforming” loan applications can take longer than “vanilla” loan applications so some larger broking firms will throw such applications in the “too hard” basket rather than spend the necessary time and effort to get such loan applications “across the line”.  There are a number of excellent “non-conforming” lenders out there who will agree to loans that some brokers will tell you are impossible, simply because these brokers do not have access to these lenders as a matter of company policy.  The worst part of this is that some brokers will most definitely NOT tell you “I can’t help you but  I know a man who can” and will instead advise you to go away and save some more deposit or keep up your various outgoing payments for credit cards and other loans and come back when you have 6 months’ clean record across the board or have a bigger deposit.  For some people, through no fault of their own, this is impossible.  Alternatively the  broker could  have advised you to speak to a non-conforming lender who might have welcomed and approved your loan application in a timely fashion.

I have an excellent understanding of how the Mortgage application process works and also the criteria used by the different lending institutions  (which can and often do change on a daily basis).  This understanding helps to ensure a smooth and fast loan application process, whilst obtaining for you the best possible deal.

Another reason to use a broker is that if you try to do it yourself, obtaining a Mortgage in Adelaide, South Australia, can be a daunting process due to the large number of lenders and competing products, so having access to the right information can make a big difference.  The various Banks and other lenders’ loyalty is to their shareholders, not their customers. The various banks and other lenders are in business to make a profit from you with their interest rates, fees and other charges.  They are not in business to offer you free and impartial advice.  Banks also are only able to offer you their own limited range of finance products while I, as a mortgage broker in Adelaide,  am free to offer a much greater range owing to the large number and variety of lenders I represent.  I have been reliably informed that some banks’ mortgage brokers earn very limited or indeed no commission, unless they are able to reach targets set which are reached by persuading you to take out a credit card or some form of insurance as well as a loan.  I and my associates are under no such pressure.

Use me to do all the leg and ground work for you.  As a fully qualified mortgage broker in Adelaide I am on your side.  I only get paid if your application is successful.  This means that as far as you are concerned, my service is FREE.

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I am a mortgage broker in Adelaide and I am –

  • Fully accredited by the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia
  • Fully qualified with the Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management
  • Plus I have satisfied stringent financial and criminal record background checks.

Find a home loan with someone you can trust and who will ensure you’re getting the right home loan for you. Vincent Woodall. 0451 596 575 or alternatively send me an email to vincentwoodall@home-loans-adelaide.com .